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7 types of digital marketing that will uplift your business by rocketpace

Are you among those who are amazed by the world of Digital Marketing today?

If you are looking towards digital marketing to build up your career, this is one of the most amazing things today, due to its increasing demand among marketers. 

As per the Plum, in the year 2017 in the UK, digital marketing overtook many other modes of advertising and reached 52% of the total advertising. The demand for digital marketing has been increasing since last 3 years even more.

As more people are getting associated with the internet, digital marketing is booming even more.  People are getting more and more dependent on the internet, which makes more and more brands and companies use digital marketing today.

Before plunging into the different types of digital marketing techniques that are floating, you should get acquainted with the basics of digital marketing.  So, the very first thing that you should know is:

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing defines the advertisement for your product or services on digital platforms. But this does not mean that the advertisements and marketing done through the digital platform means just the internet. Even today, the importance of options such as the television or electronic billboards is similar as before. So, this can be said that a good digital marketing strategy is a combination of online and offline means of communication.

Digital marketing that is through online means offers the same service that the television marketing campaigns provide that is spread of information and gaining of trust. But digital marketing is a step forward towards interactions with the audiences. In the case of digital marketing, the audiences are able to interact. This offers much better response and results than the marketing campaigns run in the earlier times through offline means and platforms.

Types of Digital Marketing

When you ask about the type of digital marketing, different people will come up with different numbers. This is because different digital marketing types get introduced with each passing time. But what are the major types of digital marketing that are most commonly used? Here are some of those common types of digital marketing that are talked about and are used.

#1 Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most talked-about digital marketing types today. As per the research conducted by HubSpot recently, as many as 64% of marketers today invest in the technique of SEO. There are two important subtypes of SEO, and these are on-page SEO activities and off-page SEO activities. The on-page SEO activities refer to the activities that are conducted on the website, such as the content created for the website, the keywords incorporated in them, the development of the website, and so on.

On the other hand, the off-page SEO activities are the activities that are conducted outside the website but in favor of the site such as link-building, guest blogging, and others. Both the subtype activities work towards the same goal of increasing the ranking of the website or the page in the search engine. It helps in increasing the visibility of the site so that more traffic can get attracted to the website, and this traffic can get converted into potential customers soon.

#2 Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or more comfortably known as PPC is a method where your advertisements will be displayed by Google on its search pages. Here, you need to pay for this service only when someone clicks on that particular displayed advertisement. Now, Google is not going to display your ad randomly. It displays your ad only when someone searches for a specific topic. For example, if someone has searched for dental care, Google can display your ad if your ad is relevant to this particular search.

So, how does Google know whether your ad is relevant to the search or not?

This is done by the keywords that are incorporated in the ad. Hence, whether similar to SEO, it is essential to have proper keyword research done for PPC ads.

After the ads are run, you can also use the different Google analytics tools to analyze the financial results and work further upon it.

#3 Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing or SEM is mainly a type that is a combined form of SEO and PPC. It is quite tough to bring the audience to your website just through the search engine. It requires a lot of research, patience, and innovative techniques. You can make use of different Google tools such as keyword finder, and many others to get the right elements for your content. Working with SEO and PPC offers you another type of digital marketing that helps a lot in attracting organic traffic to your website. 

#4 Social Media Marketing

Every time when you browse through your social media account, you come across a lot of advertisements. Though you may ignore a few of them, there are some such advertisements that you actually notice. Isn’t it?

At present, a broad audience is available on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. If you talk about Facebook alone, there are as many as 1.79 billion active users on a daily basis in the second quarter of the year 2020 as per Statista. Hence, it offers the brands a perfect platform to get their marketing done on these platforms and reach a much larger audience.

There are different ways how social media marketing can be done today, such as through infographics, videos, or even through options such as polls and contests. The main aim is to grab the viewers’ attention, and this can be done with engaging content shown at the right time and in the right way.

#5 Content Marketing

Whatever platform or means you are choosing for digital marketing, content is the soul without which the marketing campaign is incomplete. Whether you are creating a page of your website, a post for your social media platform, a blog post, or something else, everywhere content is significant.

Content should be such that it is well-researched and informative. Also, it should be free from plagiarism and any kind of errors such as that spelling or grammar. Readability is another factor that has to be maintained.

Content, along with adequately researched relevant keywords, is the key to success. Whether it is for SEO purposes or social media marketing or anywhere else, your content must have the relevant keywords appropriately placed to get ranked in the search engine.

#6 Email Marketing

Several people may take email marketing to be quite outdated. But the fact is that email marketing can generate the right amount of leads if done in the right way. Initially, when smartphones were not there, people used to check emails once or twice a day, and in such a situation, missing out on your email was quite evident. But today, the viewer clicks open the email whenever a notification pops on the smartphone.

Of course, there are so many promotional emails that keep on popping that may make the person ignore one more promotional email that may have come from you.

There are several modern techniques to customize the emails so that the viewer gets attracted by the content and clicks open the email. Apart from just sending promotional emails, try sending informative content that will let the viewer open your email each time when you send it.

#7 Influencer Marketing

It is quite evident that fans of different celebrities follow them on various social media pages and platforms to check out the latest posts and updates from them. Similarly, many other people have a high number of followers due to the content they post on their page. So, several brands and companies benefit from such influencers to promote their products and services.

The aim remains to display the brand in front of a massive audience that the influencer has. If the influencer is promoting the brand, many followers may even have a look at the brand page. If they like the product, they can surely become a potential customer shortly.

But again, you need to do the right amount of research work here, such as the type of followers that the influencer has, such as whether they are an appropriate audience for your product or not. Based on various factors, you need to select the right influencer and plan up a marketing campaign on different social media platforms.

Other Options

Apart from these many digital marketing types that are most commonly used today, many other brands work in an equally efficient way. The kind that works even today is mobile marketing, where an SMS is sent to the viewers with a link clicking on which the person can directly visit the website.

Also, viral marketing is another trend today as per which any unique content such as an unusual video or so that can attract attention is used for the marketing campaigns. Such types of digital marketing campaigns are getting quite popular today.

Digital marketing is also evolving with time and it is growing with each passing day. Hence, in order to be an expert in digital marketing, you also need to stay updated with the latest trends. It is the new buzz that is here to stay.

Though today all the above-mentioned types are evolving, Search Engine Optimization is the type that you will find to be the most high-in-demand one because it brings in more visibility and offers a good ranking in the search engines. All you need to know are the right tricks and need to devote some of your extra time to get the potential results of your campaign.

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