Top 10 Digital Marketing Skills That Can Make You Instantly Employable or Grow Your Business on Digital Platform

Are you someone who wishes to get a career that makes you stand different from the others?If yes, one of the trendiest yet evolving professions is that of digital marketing today.

Digital marketing is one of those career opportunities in which you can work from your preferred location and earn a handsome salary. Sources such as Marketing Week also have talked about the increasing demand for digital marketing experts in the market.

What Skills Do You Need For Your Digital Marketing Profession?

What should be your qualifications or preferable skills to get perfect employment on the Digital Platform? Well, not a profession, but also these qualifications can help you in growing your business.

Here are some of the essential skills that we can talk about to provide stability to your growing curiosity.

Designing Skills

Today, whatever business you are starting, the first thing you need to do is create a website online to increase your audience’s visibility.

But is it enough to get a website and start your business with it?

Of course, not!

I mean, why should a person enter your website when there are thousands of other websites providing them the same services that you are offering?

This is where designing skills come into the picture.

Who does not get attracted to something impressive and unique? This is the ultimate catch. You need an attractive website with information so that the audience can click on it and stay on your website, craving more. It is essential to understand people’s psychology to design a website to attract viewers. In 2015, the website Inc cited several exciting facts about creating through color. 

  • 93% of the people make buying judgments based on the visual display of the website.
  • 84.7% focus on the color of the product to buy it.
  • 80% of people consider color to be a significant factor for brand recognition.

Way back in 2015, Adobe mentioned in a blog that as many as 38% of the audience stop engaging with a website if its design is not attractive. Today, in the year 2020, along with design, there are several other things such as mobile responsiveness, website speed, and others that have also become quite significant. It depends on these many factors today, whether the audience will stay on your website or click on the X button on the top right corner.  


Do you know in 2015 that about 25% of the entire web users were using WordPress for their website? WordPress mentioned that after almost four years in 2019, the CMS usage has increased and covers 1/3rd of the entire web.

Some of the top-notch brands across the world, such as, Spotify, NBC, The New York Post, and many others, use WordPress for interacting with their audience. The number of companies making use of WordPress is growing due to its beneficial features and breathtaking visuals.

But handling all these features and the WordPress made website is not easy for a person who is not an expert. Hence, most companies look towards hiring some such experts proficient with the features and tools or WordPress. Now, some so many candidates grow as WordPress experts. Even if you are looking forward to having your own business, having this skill learned can help you in several ways. You do not have to get into the expenses of hiring someone to create and develop your website. WordPress even offers you plugins for SEO and other stuff to help your business grow online.

Search Engine Optimization

You may come across several people who may think of paying for advertisements in search engines to gain traffic on their website. But organic search engine optimization of a page has its credibility. As per Databox, here are some exciting details.

  • About 67% of the clicks are on the first few organic results shown on the search engine.
  • About 70% of online marketers have claimed that SEO is much more effective than other PPC options.
  • 72% of the people who searched for a store online visited it also

Some of the vital tactics for search engine optimization today are:

  • Content Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Guest Blogging
  • Incorporating Keywords
  • Usage of tags

Today, most of the experts make use of a combination of tactics to get good results. Hence, it gets quite essential that you should learn the White Hat techniques of SEO. Some people may use the unethical ways of SEO known as Black Hat techniques for faster results. You should know that though this might offer you more immediate results, there is always a high risk of losing your reputation and money when Google penalizes you.

Social Media Marketing

Do I need to mention how popular social media is today?

Smart Insights came up with some interesting facts to measure the increasing popularity of social media worldwide.

  • More than half of the world population today are active on social media today,
  • An average person spends more than 2 hours each day on social media,
  • Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform across the world.

As per the famous data site Statista, about 90% of the US companies today go for social media marketing.

So, is it so easy to promote your products and brands on social media?

Today, it is a cut-throat competition. Almost every company, big or small, even startups are taking benefits by promoting social media. So, it is crucial to get expertise over it if you wish to get social media marketing results.

You need to learn several things, such as how you need to post information to grab the audience’s attention. Today, infographic and visual effects are useful in getting more views than text contents. Research conducted by Inc., posts with infographic details attracts 94% more attention than explicit text content.

Apart from creating attractive and impressive posts and campaigns, you need to learn many other social media marketing things:

  • Generating user engagement
  • Building ad campaigns
  • Analyzing traffic and reaching out to them

Influencer marketing is another crucial aspect of the digital marketing section that is quite trending and social media marketing. This is how to connect to influencers such as celebrities and other known faces to promote a brand to increase brand awareness. Again, it requires a lot of homework. You need to search for the right influencer, contact the influencer in the right way, and create an excellent promotion campaign to get some good results.

Most of the time, influencer marketing includes an investment of money.

Email Marketing

You might be thinking about whether email marketing is still useful today in social media marketing. If you search this online, you will come across almost all the sources speaking out loud that email marketing is not dead. MailChimp came up with this data that about 21.33% of people open up the marketing emails to check through the content.

So, email marketing still works, provided if you are doing it in the right way. Now, what does rightful email marketing mean? Sending random emails to your customers is not something that is going to help always. There are several things that you need to know, such as:

  • How to create your database for emailing,
  • Categorizing them as per their interest and other factors,
  • Creating an impressive email that can force your customer to open the email,
  • Tracking the outcome of the email marketing done and working over it.

To know all these tactics and techniques, you need to know the right skills. Getting trained in email marketing can be very helpful in this situation. Today, many companies look forward to hiring candidates who are not experts in the latest digital marketing trends, such as SEO. These companies also look for other skills, such as expertise in email marketing.

Content Marketing

Content is the king. You must have heard of this phrase many times. Thus, you must know that content marketing is one of the most important digital marketing techniques. Whether you are doing social media marketing, email marketing, or any other thing, you will need content in it. The website Emarketer mentioned that about 60% of marketers believe in creating at least one content every day.

There are so many places where you can use content and the skill of writing and editing. Not writing and editing, even merging up the text content with infographics and visuals are very useful. You can use content in:

  • Website pages
  • Copywriting
  • Guest blogs
  • SEO blogs
  • Testimonials
  • Social media posts
  • Email content, and many others

One most important thing here is that you need to curate unique content to gain results. Custom content can offer a huge difference and helps you in achieving good traffic. Dragon Search Marketing mentioned that custom content could influence about 61% of the customers.

How has content marketing gone so popular?

Of course, the internet is one of the most important reasons. But another primary reason why people are moving towards the content market is its cost. Do you know content marketing is about 62% less expensive than the conventional marketing techniques as per DemandMetric? It is not cost-effective; content marketing is also known to offer three times better results than the traditional marketing model.

No doubt, 93% of the marketers dealing in B2B activities use content marketing now, as stated by the source CMI. The experts also mentioned that understanding the importance of content marketing, 86% of the organizations have a proper department or a team focused on content marketing strategies.

If you are thinking of a career in digital marketing, content marketing is also a skill that you need to have. Today, even you can choose from different niches such as technology writer, guest blogger, etc. The content marketing sector is getting more comprehensive over time. It is coming up with diverse opportunities for people who wish to get a career in digital marketing. 

Paid Advertisements

Though a high number of marketers today believe in search engine optimization and similar organic result-oriented methods, many invest in paid advertisements. There are so many brands that indulge in options such as Google Adwords, PPC, paid social media ads, and similar others.

Hence, getting skills in paid advertisements can be another great option to make a digital marketing career today, for sure. There are various things combined when you get skilled in paid advertisements such as Google Analytics, campaigning, etc.

For paid advertisements, you need to research well and arrange campaigns in order to come up with profitable results. Skills such as conversion rate optimization come in combination with paid advertisements to test which ad can offer better results. Though today there are different tools available that can help you get these tests done, it is again important to understand the method to use these tools in the right way.

Other Necessary Skills

Though the skills mentioned above are some of the major ones, some other skills are quite helpful in digital marketing today.

●       Excel:

Digital marketing is all about data. Hence, having proficiency in excel is again a skill that can help you in digital marketing. After all, managing data and keeping it updated requires proper skill.

●       PowerPoint:

You might find many advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook that are PowerPoint-made. You can use PowerPoint for different promotions such as that of multiple windows or similar others. Hence, it is an excellent benefit for you in digital marketing if you are proficient in PowerPoint.

●       CSS & HTML:

Though with the presence of WordPress, creating a website and updating content has become much more manageable, knowing CSS and HTML is always an added advantage. There are still some brands or marketers who may require people who know how to do coding for which you will need proper knowledge of CSS and HTML.

●       Other Creative Abilities:

Apart from writing skills and website designing skills, many other creative abilities can help digital marketing. For example, the skill of photography can be useful in the case of product pages. Similarly, video making skills help in coming up with great video advertisements.

These are some of the fantastic skills that can make you employable. If you have all these skills in you, you can also start your own digital marketing business; even if you do not have all of these skills, having a good number of them can also be helpful. If you wish to set up a team to start digital marketing, combine people with skills, and have a great start.

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