In My Blogging Journal, I write about my blogging journey and the little things that I learned about blogging so far. In my last post, I talked about How I Started Blogging. Today I am going to tell you my understanding of the Basics of Blogging.

To be truthful, I did not have my own blog when I started off. I began as a freelance writer and used to write in blogs owned by others.

There is a slight difference between a blogger and a writer. Not every writer is a blogger. But every successful blogger is a writer too unless he/she tends to have a blog and hire people to write for it.

Starting off as a writer was actually a blessing in disguise. Because when you are freelancing for a site, you have to work under certain guidelines that the site has been following for SEO or any other specific reason.

The site that I worked for had its own rules too. And one of them was that to be a good blogger, you have to be a good writer. But what does being a good writer mean?

In terms of blogging a good writer is someone who can get his/her thoughts to the readers with ease and with charm. How charming you can be in communicating with your readers depends on your charming skills and of course a little on your creativity as well.

But providing them with an easy read is something that I can talk about her.

I was fortunate to have one of the prominent and experienced bloggers to guide me about these tips. But not everyone has someone to tell you these little things.

In the following section, I will tell you what exactly I learned in the early phase of my blogging career that has worked wonders until now.

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  1. Use Simple and Plain Narrative

I have seen many beginners whose blogs fail to gain readers because of the recurring use of complex words. Even I was the victim of this misconception in the beginning.

It natural for many of us to think that a good piece of writing needs fancy and intricate words to put down our thoughts.

But the basics says exactly the opposite. You have to understand that people will want to read your blog only when they understand what you are trying to make them understand.

The use of plain and simple words is the best way to get your ideas clearly across the table. It is also a great idea to keep your sentences short. Try and avoid making your sentences unnecessarily long.

It only complicates the meaning.  Moreover, it is beneficial if you want to make your post SEO friendly. So stick to the basics. It is truly one of the biggest secrets to success when it comes to blogging.

  1. Give Your Readers A Reason To Read Your Post

Even though blogging was not so popular a few years back, today with the rapid growth of social sharing platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc and the accessibility of the internet, keeping a blog has become a common practice.

Thousands of blogs and websites come up every minute.  But to survive amongst these and beat the rest of your kind is where the real challenge begins.

But why would people want to read your blog when there are thousands of other blogs that talk about more or less the same thing?

That’s where this trick comes to your rescue. Keep it inspiring by helping them learn something from your blog. This will add value to your content and people will automatically lookup for your posts once they know about your quality posts.

People will be interested in your content only if they find something of their interest or something that they can take with them, like a little knowledge about things they did not know.

  1. Use First Person Narrative

This might sound like a trivial thing, but the power of the first-person narrative is something that no other narrative can hold. Don’t you get a one-to-one conversation feeling every time you read something in the first person?

Be it a novel or a blog or anything else, doesn’t it make you feel like the narrator is talking directly to you? Try creating the same feeling when you are the writer.

Because this feeling can help you build up the connection between you and your readers.

  1. Give Importance To Spacing

Another very important thing I learned is the importance of space in my posts. In my first few posts as a freelancer, I did not know how spacing impacts the quality of my content.

I read about spacing in a random blog that I came across. I tried reading a post that contains bulky and lengthy paragraphs and one with small paragraphs with clearly defined space.

I realized that the second one was easier to read. Even though the first might have interesting content, many people may not want to read it just because the post looks so heavy giving it an intense look.

So sticking to this basic too can be a safe option if you are a beginner.

  1. Use Images To Make Your Post Interesting

Images play a big role in making your posts captivating. It is always good to read articles with a lot of images and sometimes with videos and gifs.

These elements not only make your post a light read but also makes them better understand what you are trying to mean. If you do not have your own images and are using an image from some other site, do not forget to credit them in your post.

Over To You

Well, that was all I had to share with you in this post. Whether you publish your blog posts as a hobby or for business, isn’t it a wonderful feeling to have readers and followers of your writing?

If you are a blogger too with a blog of your own, do leave the link below so I can take a tour of it. Until then keep blogging.